This Gross TikTok Has People Swearing Off McFlurries Forever

Next time the ice cream machine is broken at your local mcdonald’s. Consider yourself! Lucky because there’s, a good chance. You may have avoided an extra crispy mcflurry one with a hint of cockroach.

After tick-tock user alexa carcione took a slurp of her oreo mcflurry. She discovered a startling surprise. She recounted in the comments section of the video that has since gone viral. It was like eating a gusher pop felt, like i was chewing on a shrimp shell, a fruit gushers mcflurry, probably wouldn’t, have tasted all that bad, but when carcione spit out the mcflurry, it was neither a fruit gusher nor an oreo.

Instead, she found a cockroach carcione recorded the aftermath in her 15 second tick tock video, which shows a bed sheet stained with milkshake and a half-eaten cockroach carcione clarified in her caption that she did end up reporting the incident to the manager.

But she was not refunded for the mcflurry, nor did she receive an apology. Carcione wrote all the manager said was thanks for letting me know thanks for the trauma. What do we do with that information? What do you do with any information you just stuff it deep down inside and keep an eye on? You keep it carcione’s.

Viral tech talk is now flooded with comments from customers, not only demanding an explanation from mcdonald’s, but also sharing similar experiences. User lillian plopa wrote every mcdonald’s in my town had cockroaches one of them.

You can’t, get the ice cream without getting little legs in it. Current employee brittany2748 acknowledged that the frat machine at the mcdonald she works at is always crawling with cockroaches, while former employee overlord nugget added.

If i shut down a machine for deep cleaning, i’d, be yelled at the mcdonald’s. Official website lists food safety as their top priority. Explaining that food safety training is required for all crew members and managers.

Carcione’s. Tick-Tock video, however, raises the question of how consistently the training is actually implemented in practice. It’s hard to keep the ice cream machines properly cleaned because doing the job right can take four hours according to eat this, not that a quick and easy cleanup could prevent some of the bugginess in mcdonald’s ice cream.

However, tick-tock user, joe deci, said in 2020, dead flies and dirt collect at the top of the ice cream machine. So if you slide the top off without wiping it first, all those little buggies go in the ice cream mix.

According to a july 8 posting at dailydot mcdonald’s has yet to respond to carcione who had reached out to the corporate headquarters after posting her viral tic-tac video. The news website confirms that carcione’s.

Mcflurry came from the mcdonald’s by san diego state university. Considering there has been an alarming number of similar cockroach incidents in other locations. It might be best to avoid the mcflurry treats at every mcdonald’s altogether.

On the other hand, let’s, be realistic. Mcdonald’s has famously sold billions and billions of hamburgers over the years, with all the mcflurry treats and french fries that might go with them every once in a while.

Someone is going to get an insect in their food. A customer found a sizeable bug and a big tasty burger in lee england outside manchester in february, a couple years before that a child found a fully intact grasshopper.

Looking thing in a chicken legend meal bought at a mcdonald’s outside peterborough england, not to pick on mcdonald’s. Uk too much a customer in china recently found live maggots in a mcdonald’s. Chicken sandwich it happens in america too.

A report quoted by business insider in 2017 said that americans eat 140 000 insect parts a year on average. Another estimate from scientific american has us eating one or two pounds of bug matter annually for the super squeamish.

The unfortunate news is, there is no reasonable way to avoid insects in your food and not just insect parts or eggs, but molds rodent hairs and feces too. The us food and drug administration limits how much of this stuff is allowed in various types of food.

But the fda isn’t trying to protect our health at these limits. They are strictly for the benefit of consumers, comfort levels, agricultural and human science. Professor ben chapman, told cnn. I look at it as a yuck factor versus a risk factor.

Insect parts are gross, but they don’t lead to foodborne illnesses. It’s, your call, but it sounds like you can order that mcflurry after all, check out one of our newest videos right here, plus even more mash videos about your favorite food videos are coming soon subscribe to our youtube channel and hit the bell.

So you don’t miss a single one.

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