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Kind of just give this a whole thing a wipe down, because if it sticks and falls apart on me, i will cry on on the show. Hi i’m lonnie. I’m a professional baker and, in this box, are all the ingredients for a 97 cheesecake hi.

I’m daniel. I’m a home cook and these are my 17 cheesecake ingredients, [ Music ]. So what do we have here? Okay, [, Music, ]? Hey it’s, a spiced orange ricotta cheesecake with ginger cookie crust sounds banging not gonna lie.

I had some excellent ingredients for my filling. I had ricotta cheese, cream, cheese and organic sour cream. Ricotta cheese, never in my life have i seen this granulated sugar, organic pasture raised eggs, lemon butter, corn, starch america’s; favorite thickener, yeah, okay, yup! I was right, it does thicken things cool and my favorite vanilla extract.

I was planning on swirling some homemade marmalade into the filling made from orange, lemon sugar and cayenne pepper whenever he used that in baking. I have not ever and i had everything i needed for a lovely ginger cookie base, grapeseed oil, molasses, aquafaba and even more sugar chickpeas.

For some reason. We’ll, see baking, soda gluten-free baking, flour, ground, ginger, clove and cinnamon. I think my cheesecake had like five six things. Seven tops with daniel’s recipe. I have simpler ingredients stuff.

You’re likely to find in your local grocery store or in your pantry cream cheese. Graham crackers, vanilla butter, eggs, sour cream, sugar and, last but not least, canned cherry topping. These ingredients might be simple, but i think i can use my chef skills to make them even better.

If i have to guess, i would say these ingredients probably cost about 22 17 – that’s great. I love that i was not super far off, but i wasn’t super close either way, i guess maybe 80 bucks wow. 90. A 97 cake just think about that.

For a second, you, better love your guests, [ Music ]. As per usual, i don’t, get anything i don’t know she’s, kicking sort of like an easy kind of dessert, and this looks like it’s. Gon na shatter my thoughts on that.

You have to understand that cheesecakes they’re sort of like the diva of cakes. If you want to avoid cracks, you got ta give her time there’s, a a marmalade swirl. I’m thinking. Normally it’s like a jelly right, like a jelly kind of whatever this marmalade is delicious.

It’s rewarding you can make big batches and keep them in your fridge and use them for all different kinds of things, but use caution, pay attention and just be really careful. I think it’s, time to call rose ross, hey daniel.

How are you i’m doing? Well? How are you doing it’s been a long time too long. What are you making today? Spiced orange ricotta cheesecake with a ginger cookie crust? Oh, that sounds wonderful. I think what i’m, most uh sort of unsure of is this ricotta.

I haven’t tasted it yet um, because i don’t know how to get it open and there’s stuff. You’re gonna. Have this really fresh creamy taste? So i think it’s, perfect for a cheesecake. If you have a standing, mixer use the paddle attachment, not the whisk.

So when you add too much air, when you put it in the oven, the air expands, it rises and then once it comes out, it cools it collapses and that’s. How you get cracks less air is better for whatever reason cayenne pepper is in this, and it looks like it’s included in a like a marmalade swirl of oranges.

Some lemon is a marmalade scallion jam right. It’s like jelly. I’m, not crazy. It’s, it is, and it isn ‘ T marmalade has the rind and it has a lot of pectin in it and that’s, where the thickening is gonna, come in.

Definitely air on the side of undercooked, then overcooked with your sugar. You’re, making a sugar syrup, not a candy start with that. First, it’s going to take the longest time, but this is a really nice recipe and you’re, a really good chef, so you’re, going to have a really nice cheesecake.

At the end of this, i can’t, wait to see it. Thank you so much. I’m super excited and i will send you photos when everything’s all, hopefully done correctly. I feel i have like a little bit more of a direction in where this has to go fingers crossed i can.

I can bring it all together, so rose said. I should start with the marmalade. I’m, just gonna get the zest and the juice of the lemon first and then i’m gonna slice down the orange is nice and thin. It smells really good.

I can see why so many like cleaning products are lemon scented. Now i’m gonna get the juice of the lemon in the other little bowl. Oh, you know what i should have strained the seeds out, that’s. What the second half’s, for so i’m, going to use a mandolin to thinly slice.

These oranges, i don’t use mandolins that often i haven’t bought one for my my home. So this is really nice to actually have access to one. So these are super super thinly sliced and they’re like entirely circular.

Oh, i’m just going to quarter them and then throw the oranges, the lemon juice, the lemon zest into the pot. Add some water get this to a boil and just sort of let it cook down. I’m already nervous making.

The marmalade is basically like making candy it’s, going to be simmering. It’s, going to be bubbling in the professional kitchen. We call it kitchen napalm kitchen, napalm uh. So now i’m horrified. They look soft, they feel soft.

So i’m gonna add my sugar and cayenne to this. This is this is bubbly. This is very bubbly. It’s. Looking really brown 22 is okay. I’m gonna 223. Okay, good good good. It’s, odd, okay, my kitchen napalm is up to temperature.

So now oscar’s. Gon na fill jars with it. Can you tell that i’m. I’m horrified of getting this on myself. Daniel has sent me these lovely and delicious nabisco grams grade school favorites, but i’ve been gluten free for about 20 years.

So for my cheesecake, i’m gonna make my own graham cracker base of it all all-purpose, gluten-free flour blend straight one-to-one substitution for any recipe where you ‘ Ve got all-purpose: flour listed sugar, baking powder and baking soda for leavening kosher.

Salt and cinnamon, the cinnamon, gives the graham crackers its classic graham cracker flavor. I’m gonna add my egg. I always break eggs into a separate vessel just in case that egg is bad. This is room temperature butter.

Molasses gives a really lovely, deep, flavor, honey, vanilla and, last but not least, milk. I guess i’m now going to work on the ginger cookie crust and the what’s gonna be the aquafaba. This is the the chickpea liquid.

So i guess it kind of replaces egg in some instances, flour. First, i’m gonna do the same with my cinnamon, the cloves uh and then the ginger and then baking powder, soda baking, soda sprinkle in the salt now for the other portion.

So throw the sugar in there i’m, going to start off nice and slow. I ‘ Ve got the paddle attachment on, because that is what i was recommended to use. I’m, going to throw in my molasses aquafaba.

I’m, going to slowly start adding in my dry ingredients and it smells like gingerbread. Oh that’s, so cool it. Didn’t, really smell like gingerbread until the molasses was in there. So the final mix is a little bit shaggy.

It’s quite sticky and nice, and even the next thing we’re going to do. Is roll this graham cracker dough out and get it in the oven to bake off use your rolling pin to roll it out? I want it about a quarter of an inch thick.

This is a very satisfying process. Prick the surface of this cookie dough all over with a fork, get this into the oven in about 15 minutes, put a little bit of flour down just in case better to to not need it and have it than having a knot or not not.

Have it and need it that’s, that’s the way the phrase goes bam. This is going to go into the oven. Take these lovely, graham crackers, break them all up in the food processor and want to eat these [ Music.

] [ Applause, ], perfect it’s. A nice fine crumb in here i’m gonna add my sugar pop it back on the processor and then i’m gonna stream in my butter, so that all that fat gets nicely evenly distributed.

We’re good to go. This looks perfect. That looks pretty good. It came out. It came out great when i use my like graham cracker crust. Typically, they’re pretty dry. So i think what i’m going to do. Is i’m going to take this? I’m going to process it up and then cook it again, so it gets even dryer there.

We go okay thanks this. I think, honestly, i’m just going to save um and eat later in the dark. I’m, going to spread this out and rebake this, so it gets like nice and dry percussion, nice and dry super crumbly, and to this i’m literally just going to add butter and sugar kind of funny.

I like dried, it out just immediately to re-wet it with butter, so this is the ginger cookie crust, uh ready to go into the pan and be the base of my cheesecake. My crumbs are all ready. This spring porn pan is a wonderful tool in the kitchen for cakes that are too delicate to turn out when they’re finished baking.

You just get to unlock that thing, and it comes right off it’s like magic. I’m just going to take some of these crumbs and press it into the bottom of this pan just get in there with your hands start by pressing it from the center to move all those sandy bits out to the edges.

I’m, going to take some butter and i’ll. Just give this a whole thing, a wipe down just so there’s. No sticking! I i don’t want to be the first one to cry in in uh pro versus novice, so i’m just gonna i’m gonna give this a good wipe down.

I actually like using a measuring cup. I’ve used this kind of like just spread it around. There’s, no weird spaces. Some of these crumbs are coming up the sides of my springform pan. So what i’m gonna do is take my small, offset spatula hit the tip of my knife in and go all the way around the edge to get a nice even layer.

It’s, nice and flat. It’s good to go. I’m literally just going to toss this back into the oven like the third time it’s, ready to go into the oven, which has been preheating at 325 for about 10 minutes now.

It’s time to get stuck into our cheesecake base. The first thing i’m going to do is crack these eggs cracking the egg on the flat surface of my work. Top is going to help keep me from getting shells into this bowl of eggs, break them up, so they’re nice, and even that way i have less mixing to do in this delicate cheesecake base at the ricotta, which is pleasant.

I’ve also got the marmalade, i mean it smells so good. Yes, that came out lovely, oh and there’s, a little kick to it. I get it. I understand the cayenne now. Okay, look at us. We’re learning, get my room temperature cream cheese into this bowl and get it nice and smooth you can see.

I still have some shaggy stiff peaks here. I really want that cream cheese to get nice and smooth so that i avoid the dreaded cheesecake lumps. There is literally no one on planet earth who likes lumpy, cheesecake don’t at me.

There’s, no one, not a person! For starters, i got my cream cheese and my ricotta cheese. Both i’m gonna put into the mixer i’m gonna, let that do its thing and while that’s going, i’m gonna crack some eggs in there.

This already looks way creamier than it did when we started the ricotta and the eggs are really just giving like this. Creamy no shells not today not today, vanilla, extract lemon juice. I’m gonna add my butter.

If it wasn’t creamy, then it’s. Definitely creamy! Now i’m gonna add a little bit of the cornstarch and then sugar. Can you ever have too much sugar baking? No, i think the answer is no. This part really does take time like truly it’s, not even high maintenance.

It’s like it’s, a diva, i told you, it just needs its time. I’m. Just going to add my sugar, followed by my eggs, you want to add those eggs little by little, so that you’re, not overwhelming what’s in the bowl.

All of the vanilla extract, and i’ve chosen to add about a teaspoon of kosher salt to daniel’s recipe just to give it that little extra finish it by adding the sour cream. In last by hand, the sour cream is the more delicate of the two types of dairy.

This looks dreamy it’s, nice and mixed there, aren’t any lumps. This looks really beautiful. It’s, glossy it’s smooth and it actually smells heavenly that oof look at that. It’s way thicker than any uh batter.

I’ve made um and the only thing left is the sour cream, which i’m going to fold in it’s supposed to be like a very delicate process. Oh look at the folds batter looks good. It’s. All mixed. I’m literally just gonna pour this into the springform pan.

On top of the cookie crust, i’ve, been really trying to work on my presentation i get so close to making it look. Nice and then i just at the end, it always falls apart. So i’ve, been trying to be mindful of how i present things.

The flat top of my spatula here scrape the top flat edge of my spatula across the top of my bowl to release. All of that batter nice and evenly so it doesn’t. Come pouring out is a top down approach. I’m gonna give it a little wiggle so that it levels, and then i’m, going to actually take my small offset spatula and just run the blade of it through this cheesecake.

I’m, not scraping the base, because i want to release any air bubbles that are inside of that cheesecake base. So this is basically almost ready to go. The only thing missing is the the fruit topping.

My thought is: if i were to break this into quadrants, i would probably do like one little spoonful for each thing and then kind of cutting it little cuts. It looks pretty good to me. This cheesecake is ready to go into the oven.

I’m gonna be baking it in a bain-marie which is a water bath, designed to cook things gently at a nice even heat. I’m, going to wrap this pan in this tin foil so that it’s. Nice and secure now it’s, protected from alien radio waves and frequencies and stuff.

The tin foil touches the surface of my cheesecake mixture. It can just mar my final result and it won’t look as pretty, and i really really want to see the diva in her final iteration. The wrap cheesecake is going to go right into this pan.

I’m, going to fill it with warm water, move the oven 325 for about 60 to 65 minutes. You’ll know it’s finished when you give it a slight tap and the outer inch is set and the inside ring is slightly jiggly.

I’m terrified of dropping. This okay rose said to bake this to like 3 25, nice and slow and low in the water bath, so that’s. Exactly what i’m gonna do okay fingers crossed. We can do this. We can do this.

It’s. Okay, it’s, all right, buddy, it’s. Okay, cheesecake is fully cooked. It’s, been cooling in the oven for about an extra hour. I really want everything to settle. I don’t want any cracks. Daniel sent me this.

It is canned cherry topping delicious on cheesecake. Actually one of my favorites, i’m gonna stick with this cherry vibe, but i ‘ Ve got a professional substitution. I’m gonna. Do a two-part cherry topping one part’s, gonna be a cherry gel and the other part is gonna, be candied cherries.

I’m gonna use, thawed frozen cherries, some gelatin here, a little sugar and some lemon juice. Those things i can find easy in the freezer and in the pantry – and i just elevate this cheesecake just that little bit.

So the very first thing i want to do is bloom, my gelatin, giving the gelatin a chance to hydrate in a liquid yeah. This actually looks perfect. Sometimes i rush i’m just going to let this gelatin do its thing.

Next thing i’m gonna do is get these cherries and this lemon juice into the vitamix. There’s gonna be a little bit of texture to it, which is what i want cherry puree, medium heat. We’re gonna add our sugar and our gelatin to this cherry puree, and we really don’t want to overheat the gelatin overheating, the gelatin breaks down what it is actually intended to do, which is really set your puree yeah.

We’re at 126.; it’s great, so i’ll. Take this off the heat. Pour this cherry puree over the top of our cheesecake. This looks perfect. I’m, going to pop it into the fridge for five or six hours and work on part two.

Okay, so check it out check it out how cool that is. I, like the swirls and stuff it’s, baked in the oven for like an hour, and then i let it cool down it. Had the nice firm outside little jiggly on the inside and now the only thing that is left is to put it into the fridge to cool completely and then plate it.

We’re, going to go right into the second part of my cherry topping, which is to make some candied cherries i’m gonna take these maraschino cherries and i’m gonna drain them off. I love maraschino cherries, they’re.

Actually one of my favorite chocolate and i’m gonna reserve about a quarter cup of this juice, sugar, medium heat and heat it until this sugar starts to dissolve you’re. Looking nice and melty all together now’s.

The point at which i’m, going to add my maraschinos. It’s, going to go for about 45 minutes, while the candying process takes place. When we’re talking about temperature in candying things, the easiest way to look at it is the hotter.

Your candy gets the harder your candy gets. We want these cherries to be nice and soft, so 2, 35. The softball stage is the perfect temperature to take them to. You should be able to see through the bodies almost of the cherries themselves.

They’ve hit 235. They look glassy and icy. Just gonna pull these cherries out to this parchment lined sheet tray to cool. These are going to be so pretty my cherries look perfect. They are absolutely volcanically hot.

So i’m, going to let them cool, and then i can arrange them on the top of my cheesecake. It’s time to plate this. I am gonna [ Music ] eat this delicious cheesecake. First, i got ta, get it ready. I’ve got this metal container here filled with hot tap water.

I’m actually just going to pop my offset spatula inside of this run, my offset all around the edge of the spring form and the heat of that is just going to make it one nice clean motion. So i’m. Basically, just going to take my offset spatula and run it around, i’m, hoping nothing like like flops out.

I want to try it, but i shouldn’t yet unbuckling. Oh, oh, she’s gorgeous and i’m just gonna bejewel, the top of this cheesecake. With these lovely little gems, i mean it’s together that’s. That’s, a huge win in my book.

I’m just trying to not grab these cherries there. We go okay, a couple on this side to make the plate look cute. This is my take on daniel’s. Cherry cheesecake wow – that was a horrible plating job too i’m gonna, do a little reconstructive surgery on it just to make it look a little a little prettier.

No one’s. Gon na know this. This never happened. What are you talking about? I don’t know what you’re talking about this is my take at chef, lonnie’s cheesecake, and i am hoping that she thinks i did a good job, [, Music ].

It looks ready to be eaten, it looks ready to be eaten. I love cheesecake. I love cheesecake so much the al dente bite of this beautiful candy cherry combined with that cherry gel it’s, lovely and bright, nice and sweet, but not overpowering.

Oh, my god, this is like ice cream. Almost it’s, so delicious [, Music ]. This looks really good. It smells good wow wow it’s, just incredible it’s. Really not it doesn’t taste like cheese there’s, you can’t taste the cream cheese in this i get so much more orange and like a citrusy zest than i do like cheese and and the marmalade’s got like a little bit of a kick to it too, but it’s, not overpowering because of the fat in the cheesecake.

This is wow. I’m, like on a journey right now. I’m on a flavor journey and i never want to stop there’s like my cheesecake is like down here and then there’s like regular cheesecake. You buy at a store and then, if you add homemade marmalade, it’s like insane.

This is so good. I i can’t, wait to see what chef lonnie thinks about this. This is incredible. I can’t, wait to see what you made daniel you’re, so cool like it’s. It’s like a it’s, an honor to actually meet you virtually like you’re, the coolest person ever.

I think my mom tells me that, and and i take that cheesecake’s – not my first choice, typically for desserts – and this is absolutely just mind-blowing – it’s, so good, so good! Oh, i’m, so glad you like it.

Let me see, let me see, let me see it’s right here, [, Music ], it looks so pretty. You did great with the swirling. I love that that looks like it looks like an old book. I heard you called it kitchen napalm and i sort of got an idea as to why i started bubbling like crazy.

So i was like i was a little scared at that point. It looks really beautiful. Do you want to see what i did? I was just i want to see yeah i gave you a very bare bones, easy peasy kind of thing so check it out.

I did a little okay here’s like a oh. My goodness, oh man, i did like a cherry gel and candied cherries, and i did like your cherry vibe a couple different ways: hey. I welcome it. Thank you so much for everything and, like i said this has been so much fun, see ya.


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